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Looking Good On The Big Day

Apr 01, 2018

Appointing the right makeup artist and hairstylist is extremely important as he or she is the person who will enhance your looks on your wedding day. Preferably, you should choose the same person to do both your hair and makeup as it will certainly save you the time and trouble of hiring two different persons. However, this is not always possible and many a bride has taken the step of working with two differing individuals, specialists in their own way.

A strong lip
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Complementing the bridal gown
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An evening look
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Cute ideas
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Some tips :

  • Shortlist at least two hairstylists and makeup artists at least six months before your wedding. Meet them in person and view their portfolio.
  • Ensure that they have experience in doing hair and makeup for photography.
  • If you are happy with their work and styling, book them early and look no further.
  • Make it clear that you expect them to only take one booking i.e. yours, on your wedding day. They will therefore focus all their attention on you.

Studio shoot
Photo by Grant Corban Weddings, courtesy of Eleena Lamat

Natural looking on wedding day
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Pre-wedding shoot
Photo by Steven Leong Photography, courtesy of Beauty Haven

Other than hair and makeup, be sure to also pay attention to your nails. Every little component adds to ensuring that you look your best.

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More options
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Fix an appointment
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A few suggestions :

  • Schedule an appointment for a manicure and pedicure right before your wedding day.
  • If you are having a pre-wedding shoot, schedule an appointment prior to that too.
  • There are numerous options for nail designs, ranging from classic to contemporary to quirky. Be sure to take into consideration the theme and style of your wedding when making such a decision.
  • Consider bringing your mum and bridesmaids along to the nail salon for a girls' day out.

Floral hair accessory
Photo by Mphotoo, courtesy of Ohara Florist

Pearl hair pin
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Tip : Negotiate a good rate if you'd like them to work on the rest of the bridal party as well. Have a look here.