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Colourful Bridesmaid Dresses

Jan 02, 2018

Most brides tend to choose pastel colours for their bridesmaids. Sweet and romantic, pastels lend an air of romance to the wedding ceremony. However, there are those who prefer more vibrant shades for their entourage. This will ensure that the bride stands out in photos when standing next to her bridesmaids.

Photo by ZA Gallery, courtesy of Elysium Weddings

Complementary colours
Photo by Inlight Photos, courtesy of My Wedding Planner

Good times
Photo courtesy of Shutterspeak Studio

Options for bridesmaid dresses :

  • Buy off-the-rack or online.
  • Have them custom-ordered.

A pose with the bride
Photo by Alextan Artworks, courtesy of Wishhper

Group picture
Photo by Jas Studio, courtesy of Sincerité Wedding & Events

Bridesmaids in blue
Photo courtesy of Grant Corban Weddings

The custom route would be ideal if you have the following criteria to meet :

  • A specific colour in line with your wedding theme.
  • To ensure all your bridesmaids look good, particularly if they are of different height and sizes.

Big smiles
Photo courtesy of MomentoWedding

The bridal party
Photo courtesy of Click4Loves Photography


Tip : Simple bridesmaids dresses keep the attention on the bride. Have a look here for custom bridesmaid dresses.