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Comfortable Bridesmaids Dresses

Jun 28, 2016

As the bride’s aides on the wedding day, bridesmaids have a range of duties. As such, it is important for them to feel comfortable in their attire and to be able to move around freely. 
Dressing the bride
Photo courtesy of Jeto Photography
Options for bridesmaids dresses :
  • Purchase off-the-rack.
  • Have them custom-made.
Photo courtesy of The Muzes
Bought off-the-rack :
  • Can be more affordable.
  • What you see is what you get.
  • Less lead time required.
Photo courtesy of The Wedding Barn Gallery
Custom-made :
  • A bit more costly.
  • Can be personalised.
  • More superior fit, particularly if your bridesmaids are of different proportions.
  • Necessary to order in advance.
Beach wedding
Photo courtesy of Grant Corban Weddings
Take the following into consideration :
  • Body shapes of your bridesmaids and designs as well as fabrics that will flatter them.
  • Colour theme.
  • Dress length vis-à-vis formality and style of your wedding.
  • Cost and who will be paying for the dresses.
Pretty maids
Photo courtesy of Ooi Eric Studio
Thorn among the roses
Photo courtesy of Click4Loves Photography
Accompanying the bride
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