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Drink Options For Your Guests

Mar 01, 2019

Deciding on what drinks to serve at one’s wedding is often a pertinent decision for many soon-to-be-weds. Indeed, a portion of the wedding budget would need to be dedicated to the purchase of beverages.

Occasions throughout the wedding celebrations where drinks are served include some of the following :

  • On the eve of the wedding at the homes of the bride and groom’s families, should there be a dinner hosted for relatives.
  • The reception after the wedding ceremony.
  • Pre-dinner cocktails as a prelude to the wedding banquet.
  • The wedding banquet proper.

Pre-dinner cocktail
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Options for your guests
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Factors to consider during the planning process :

  • Your personal preferences as a couple and those of your families.
  • The inclination of your intended guest list in terms of their preferred choice of drinks.
  • The variety of drinks you wish to offer to your guests.
  • The budget you have set aside for this purpose.
  • Is wine pairing necessary vis-à-vis the menu you have selected, in particular if you have chosen a Western one.
  • The corkage policy you have negotiated with your wedding venue.

Bubblies for the toast
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Beer is an option too
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