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It All Adds Up

Sep 26, 2017

Attending a wedding banquet is a sensory experience in a way. There is much to see, taste and feel. Indeed, a memorable celebration is one that encompasses many components. These photos tell the story.

Photo by Kai Picture, courtesy of Like A Puffin

Lovely table settings
Photo courtesy of Big Onion Food Caterer

A signature cocktail or mocktail
Photo courtesy of Jargeous

Photo by ZA Gallery, courtesy of Acadia

Photo by ZA Gallery, courtesy of Nook Flowers

Striking main table
Photo by Teetoo, courtesy of Touching Hearts Wedding Concepts

Photo by CKvin Studio, courtesy of Ohara Florist

Chocolate favours
Photo by Steven Leong Photography, courtesy of Chocolate Chapters

Food service
Photo by Mocco Studio, courtesy of Significant Weddings & Events Consultant

Cute soap favours
Photo courtesy of HowSmooth

Photo courtesy of The Quirky Taste

Photos as mementos
Photo courtesy of Tagbooth Photobooth

Sweet treats
Photo by Lestony Lee Photography, courtesy of The Accidental Bakers

Simple and elegant
Photo by Creativeclick Production, courtesy of Forever Valentine Weddings

A contemporary style
Photo by Mphotoo, courtesy of Elysium Weddings and Happy & Co

Succulents as décor and favours
Photo by Mphotoo, courtesy of Elysium Weddings and Happy & Co


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