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All Good Wishes

Mar 28, 2017

When it comes to matrimony, everyone extends good wishes to the bride and groom for love, longevity of marriage, happiness and all good things in married life. From the onset of marriage to perpetuity, it is hope that such blessings will always be in abundance.

Respect to parents
Photo from Alvis and Lenny, courtesy of Dary Chong

Of all present at the wedding ceremony, the wedding chaperone is the one person who has the knowledge of cultural and traditional practices associated with weddings that some believe, can enhance the realisation of such blessings.

Escorting the bride and groom
Photo by Kent Chu, courtesy of Dary Chong

Some pointers :

  • Meet with the wedding chaperone in person to learn more about the services offered.
  • Discuss rates, scope of work and duration of his or her presence.
  • Pay a deposit to secure services soonest possible, particularly if your wedding is on an auspicious date.

All good wishes
Photo by Jay Yeong, courtesy of Dary Chong

Tea ceremony
Photo by Jay Yeong, courtesy of Dary Chong


Tip : Introduce your wedding chaperone to your other vendors, in particular your wedding planner and photographer. Have a look here.