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Always A Part Of Weddings

Apr 01, 2018

When it comes to weddings, there are components that will perennially be part of the occasion. Although some contemporary-inclined couples may have taken to exclude some traditional and cultural practices that have always been associated with weddings, for the most part, many of these remain relevant for the majority of couples.

Printed stationery rather than e-invites please
Photo courtesy of Caramel Paper Designs

Double happiness on invitation
Photo by Ken Photographic, courtesy of Thistle Cards

Entourage of groomsmen
Photo courtesy of Cliff Choong Photography

Wedding chaperone for the tea ceremony
Photo courtesy of Dary Chong

Why are they so important to cultivate and preserve :

  • Many are meaningful culturally.
  • As a symbol of good luck and everlasting happiness for the newlyweds.
  • They make weddings what we have always envisioned them to be.

Cake as hantaran
Photo courtesy of The Accidental Bakers

Oriental design for a Chinese wedding
Photo courtesy of The Quirky Taste

Table number
Photo by Inlight Studio, courtesy of Acadia

Cutting into a real wedding cake
Photo courtesy of Arifah Hot Oven

We hope some of these images inspire you too as you plan for your big day.

Various boxes for hantaran and favours
Photo courtesy of Antswork Communications

Wedding favour
Photo courtesy of The Skinny Bakers


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