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The Wedding Chaperone

Feb 29, 2016

For many Chinese couples, the need to observe traditions and cultural practices during the entire wedding can be perplexing, particularly if both the couple and their respective families are more contemporary inclined and have not had the opportunity to experience and put into practice such rituals. It is in times like these that hiring a professional wedding chaperone or ‘Dai Kum’ becomes a wise decision. 
Welcoming the groom
Photo courtesy of Dary Chong
Traditionally female in gender, but increasingly of the male gender too, an experienced wedding chaperone will be able to guide you through the many traditional and cultural rituals that are relevant as the wedding day unfolds. 
Photo courtesy of Dary Chong
Attributes of a good wedding chaperone :
  • Well-versed in traditional customs and rituals associated with weddings.
  • Able to converse in various Chinese dialects, and preferably in English too.
  • Observant, witty and quick-thinking. 
  • Good natured and able to interact with the couple, their families and friends.
  • Willing to cooperate with other wedding vendors so that the wedding day runs smoothly.
Tea ceremony
Photo courtesy of Dary Chong
Some chaperones who are linguistically-gifted can also act as the master of ceremonies at your wedding banquet. In this case, couples are indeed provided an all-encompassing service, ensuring that their wedding budget is well-spent on an individual who can wear two hats. 
Wedding Chaperone Dary Chong
Photo courtesy of Dary Chong

Tip : Introduce your wedding chaperone to your other wedding vendors for coordination purposes.