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A Creative Visualisation

May 01, 2019

Often considered an intangible when compared to components such as flowers, décor, wedding cake, entertainment and of course the food and drink, sound and lighting design do in fact play a huge role in enhancing a wedding banquet, as they appeal to the senses of sight and sound so acutely. Indeed, both these audio and visually driven narratives project the wedding theme that a couple has chosen, providing their guests with an experience that every couple aspires to be enjoyable and memorable.

Such audio-visual components can include the following :

  • A feat of sound engineering that sets the ambience of the evening’s celebrations.
  • A graphic and optical depiction of a selected theme.
  • A light show that dazzles.

Hearts galore
Photo courtesy of Psychoacoustic

Moon constellation
Photo courtesy of Psychoacoustic

Lighting creates an ambience
Photo courtesy of Psychoacoustic

A few suggestions :

  • Engage your sound and light vendor with your wedding planner, decorator and entertainment vendor so that they can brainstorm ideas and concepts during the planning stage.
  • Link up your vendor with the hotel’s events team to coordinate delivery and setting up of equipment.
  • During the initial meeting, be upfront about the budget you have set aside for sound and light, and then be willing to discuss what is possible and what needs to be put aside.

Bringing one back in time
Photo courtesy of Psychoacoustic

An outdoor event
Photo courtesy of Psychoacoustic


Tip : Be open to ideas from your sound and light vendor such as Psychoacoustic. More information here.