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Balloons Galore

Sep 01, 2018

Balloons have long been a staple at festive celebrations, be it a birthday, engagement party, wedding banquet and the like. Indeed, when creatively used as décor, they certainly add to the merriment of the festivities.

Pre-wedding shoot
Photo courtesy of Party Perfect

Photo courtesy of Party Perfect

When contemplating incorporating balloons into your wedding, consider the following :

  • Discuss thematic ideas with your wedding planner and decorator.
  • Consider colour themes.
  • Think of shapes and sizes, sparsely or densely populated.
  • Look into the impact of outdoor weather conditions or indoor air conditioning.
  • Organise logistics of set up and tear down.

Lining the aisle
Photo courtesy of Party Perfect

Photo courtesy of Party Perfect

A few tips :

  • Determine budgets and discuss rates with the balloon vendor.
  • Can they do double-duty as party favours too?
  • Use balloons in a creative manner during your pre-wedding shoot.

Dessert buffet
Photo courtesy of Party Perfect


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