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The Wow Factor

Aug 01, 2019

Every soon-to-be-wed couple wishes for their wedding banquet to be a memorable one, one that has a wow factor that will be etched in the memories of their families, relatives, and friends. Having spent a considerable sum of funds to host their wedding celebrations, the banquet, as the culmination of the day’s festivities is certainly an event that is of much importance for the newlyweds.

Setting up for an outdoor celebration
Photo courtesy of Psychoacoustic

A visual feast for a wedding banquet
Photo courtesy of Psychoacoustic

Other than the ballroom where the event is held, the cuisine, the drinks, the décor, and the entertainment, sound and light design can certainly contribute to the ambiance of the evening’s celebration.

Some components to think about would include:

  • LED screens.
  • Sound system.
  • Lighting effects.

A constellation inspired backdrop
Photo courtesy of Psychoacoustic

Stage and backdrop
Photo courtesy of Psychoacoustic

Get recommendations of such a vendor either from your wedding planner, the events team of your venue or perhaps those whom you have appointed as entertainment for the evening.

A few tips:

  • Have a reasonable budget in mind and be upfront about the sum you have set aside during initial discussions with the vendor. This will give them the opportunity to suggest what the best option would be based on your budget.
  • Other than cost, reliability and expertise are important criteria to be considered.
  • Ensure that logistics and timing of set up and tear down are communicated clearly to your venue’s operations team for coordination purposes.


Tip: Discuss ideas and budget with sound and light vendors such as Psychoacoustic. More information here.