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How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You … And Refreshing Too!

Sep 26, 2017

It is a reality that couples often need to contend with our hot and humid weather on their special day. In fact, not only the couple but their families and friends as well. More often than not, we tend to counter this by serving ice cold beverages. Another refreshing option that will soon make its way to our shores is Paletas Wey popsicles.

Guests enjoying the popsicles
Photo courtesy of Paletas Wey

Perfect for an outdoor wedding
Photo courtesy of Paletas Wey

These frozen delights, originating from Mexico and then evolving as its popularity expanded through Central and South America, have now found their way to Bali and will be making an entry into the Malaysian wedding market in the near future.

Watermelon Lime
Photo courtesy of Paletas Wey

Vanilla Oreo
Photo courtesy of Paletas Wey

Sweet, cool and refreshing :

  • Made from quality ingredients and seasonal produce from local markets.
  • Unique blend of flavours and chunks of fruit.
  • Vibrant and striking colours.
  • Particularly suited to outdoor weddings or as a treat at the end of the wedding banquet.

Flowergirls having a good time
Photo courtesy of Paletas Wey

Wedding packages include the following and may also be customised :

  • Paletas.
  • Freezer.
  • Cart.
  • Service staff.

Various flavours
Photo courtesy of Paletas Wey

Consider the following :

  • The size of your guest list and how many popsicles to order.
  • Select flavours that reflect your wedding theme perhaps.
  • Determine if there is a minimum order.
  • Work out logistics of delivery and storage.


Tip : Contact Paletas Wey for more information on how you may incorporate their popsicles into your wedding celebrations. More details here.