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A Feast For The Senses

Nov 01, 2018

Apart from the décor, food, drink and entertainment, the overall ambience of the wedding banquet can certainly be enhanced by appealing to the sense of sight and sound. Indeed the audio visual aspect of the evening’s celebration play a role in the experience of all guests present.

Spectacular lighting
Photo courtesy of Psychoacoustic

Photo courtesy of Psychoacoustic

Sound and light are experiential components that will ensure a memorable evening for all :

  • LED screens for visual impact.
  • Clear sound at appropriate volume levels would be ideal.
  • Lighting design to create the perfect setting.

Images of the newlyweds
Photo courtesy of Psychoacoustic

Beautiful visual effects
Photo courtesy of Psychoacoustic

A few tips :

  • Put aside a reasonable budget for such audio visual requirements.
  • Be upfront about what you are expecting to spend with your chosen vendor and work with them to customise an option that meets your budget.
  • Give the experts a free hand on creative decisions, particularly when it comes to sound and lighting design.
  • Introduce your vendor to your wedding planner as well as the venue’s events team for coordination purposes, in particular for setup and tear down.
  • Pay a deposit and secure the services of your selected wedding professional as early as possible.

A romantic alfresco setting
Photo courtesy of Psychoacoustic


Tip : Meet up with the sound and light engineers of Psychoacoustic to tap their creativity on what is possible for your wedding. More details here.