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Let’s Hear The Music

Jun 28, 2017

In between the sumptuous meal and emotional speeches at the wedding banquet, entertainment will set your guests in a celebratory mood. Piped-in music or tired renditions of guests on stage in a karaoke session are passé. Nowadays, many couples as well as their guests enjoy and appreciate live music and there is nothing like live entertainment that will make the event more lively.

Mesmerising vocals
Photo by Mosaic Entertainment Group, courtesy of Janet Lee

Outdoor celebration
Photo courtesy of Mandenco Studio

A duo
Photo courtesy of Amanda Sax & KG

Here are some things to consider when hiring a band :

  • Select the right style of music - wedding bands generally have a wide repertoire of music that can be adapted to suit any wedding reception.
  • Setting your budget – the cost of a wedding band varies depending on the number of musicians, number of hours they are to entertain, the type of bands and how popular they are.
  • Set-up time – some wedding entertainers may take longer to set up. It all depends on the sound systems as well as the music equipment and instruments that they have.
  • Wedding venues – check to see if your venue has ample space for a band set up and if live music is permitted.
  • Quality of the band - never forego the quality of the band due to the cost.

Oriental repertoire
Photo courtesy of Regal Orchestra

Entertaining the banquet crowd
Photo by Mosaic Entertainment Group


Tip : Provide the band with a list of your favourite songs. Have a look at options here.