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A Complement To The Gown

Oct 01, 2018

The bridal bouquet is a complement to the wedding gown. It completes the bride’s ‘look’ on the wedding day. As such, choosing an appropriate bouquet is a task not to be taken lightly.

A rustic creation
Photo by Ooi Eric Studio, courtesy of The Petalist

Classic colours
Photo courtesy of Fleuri Flowers

A play on colours
Photo by ZA Gallery, courtesy of Nook Flowers

Discuss the following with your floral designer :

  • Budget and price points.
  • Classics and the current fads.
  • Local blooms vs imported flowers.
  • Colours and texture.
  • Shapes.

Architectural blooms
Photo courtesy of Lady Boss The Florist

Vibrant shades
Photo courtesy of Creativelines

Confirm the following :

  • Cost and deposit payment required.
  • Alternative flowers if your preferred choice is not available at the time of your wedding.
  • Delivery details.

A creative take
Photo by MunKeat Photography, courtesy of Ohara Florist

Complementary bouquets
Photo by Ashevin K Photography, courtesy of Downers Florist Group

Photo by Adam Ong Photography, courtesy of Wishhper


Tip : Show your floral designer a photo of your wedding gown. More details here.