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A Similar Look

Jan 02, 2018

Whether a formal or a casual wedding, there ought to be some similarity when it comes to outfitting your groomsmen.

Jubilant groom and groomsmen
Photo courtesy of Ooi Eric Studio

Photo courtesy of Awesome Studios

Coordinated outfits have some commonalities in terms of either or all of the following :

  • A shirt, trousers or perhaps vest in the same colour and design.
  • Identical ties, bowties or suspenders.
  • Hats.

There is a rose among the thorns
Photo courtesy of ShenSnaps Photography

A pose and a posse
Photo courtesy of Lestony Lee Photography

For a better fit and quality workmanship, visit a custom-tailor to have outfits for your groomsmen tailored.

A cute group
Photo by Rajah Puteh Photography, courtesy of Forever Valentine Weddings


Tip : Make sure your photographer snaps a group photo of the groomsmen. For custom outfits, have a look here.