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The Groom's Entourage

Jun 01, 2018

Normally the groom's brother or close friend, the best man supports the groom in the same way a bridesmaid does for the bride. On the wedding day, the best man is indeed the groom's 'right-hand' man.

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Supporting the groom
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Some of the best man's responsibilities would include:

  • Accompanying the groom to purchase his suit.
  • Organising the bachelor night.
  • Ensuring that the groom is dressed on time and punctual.
  • Holding the wedding rings.
  • Making a toast at the reception.

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The groom's entourage will also include his groomsmen. Siblings, cousins or friends, they add to the merriment by shoring up the groom's confidence and helping with little tasks that may crop up during the wedding day.

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Tip : Match part of the groomsmen's outfits with that of the bridesmaids'. Have a look here.