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Five Must-Knows

Jan 27, 2016

When going in search of wedding bands or an engagement ring for that matter, one ought to take the time to browse and examine the designs available as well as meet with jewelers to discuss budgets.
Photo courtesy of Suen Jewellers
Bands to say 'I do'
Photo courtesy of Suen Jewellers
One should also bear in mind the following :
  • Type of metal i.e. generally either platinum or 18K gold.
  • Craftsmanship that befits this milestone in your lives.
  • A comfortable fit.
  • Bespoke options which take into account style, profile, width, type of metal and engraving.
  • Service i.e. pre as well as post purchase.
Vivid collection in white and rose gold
Photo courtesy of Suen Jewellers
Beautiful earrings
Photo courtesy of Suen Jewellers

Tip :  Visit Suen Jewellers for a look-see and meet with them one-on-one.