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Meaning Behind The Rings

Jan 24, 2017

When purchasing the engagement ring and wedding bands, much thought goes into the decision-making process.

The Love Diamond
Photo courtesy of Suen Jewellers

Among the factors that determine purchase include :

  • Cost and budget that has been set aside.
  • Design and personal preferences.
  • Reputation of jeweller.
  • Service – pre and post purchase.

Together Forever
Photo courtesy of Suen Jewellers

Another facet to consider is the meaning behind the rings. For example :

  • The Love Diamond – ‘Divine’ engagement ring, a symbol of divinity; pure as Love; this Love Diamond ring is set with the basket of ‘vines’. The vines cradle the love diamond and it nestles peacefully as the diamond sparkles from every corner when light is captured. This design where the vines are placed encourages light to enter into the Love Diamond, so it looks like a million tiny suns on your finger!
  • Together Forever - A marriage that would last is about companionship; understanding each other and staying strong together during tougher times. This ring has 2 bands; to represent the couple. The two bands are bonded with a ring made in 18K yellow gold which signifies ‘commitment’ and ‘being together forever’. It is a very symbolic wedding band as the material made in 18K yellow gold is a tough material which then represents the marriage will last for a long, long time with joy and happiness.

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