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Looking The Part

Dec 28, 2015

Grooms have to look the part too at a wedding and dressing well is part of the equation. Not only does the groom have to complement his bride, he too has to look dashing as one half of the stars of the day. 
Photo courtesy of Wardrobe
A groom has the following options :
  • Purchase a suit off-the-rack.
  • Have a suit custom-made.
To complement an island wedding Photo by
Dennis Yap Photography,
courtesy of Bespoked
Casual in New York
Photo by
Ooi Eric Photography,
courtesy of Bespoked
Price points vary for both options but the deciding factors really are what budget one is willing to put aside for a suit as well as the comfort level. 
Three piece suit
Photo courtesy of Wardrobe
Double breasted suit
Photo courtesy of Wardrobe
When deciding on a suit, consider the following as well :
  • Silhouette and fit.
  • Fabric quality.
  • Lead time required either for alterations or production.
Tux at the banquet
Photo by Gallerie CKwedding, courtesy of Bespoked

Tip : Good fabrics hang better.