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Suiting Up

Jul 28, 2016

So very often, the attention at any wedding is centred on the bride. Lest we forget, the groom is equally as important, and looking sharp on this very special day is something every groom aspires to achieve as well. The choices :
  • Purchase a suit off-the-rack from a department store or an international label boutique.
  • Have a suit made-to-measure at custom-tailors.
Look dapper
The urban Malaysian male has in recent times become more fashion conscious and savvy, and has taken a liking to the custom-made approach. A number of custom-tailors offer such services, from multi-branch chains to more personalised, individually-owned outfits.
Three-piece suit
Photo by The Photoz,
courtesy of Bespoked
Off comes the jacket
Photo by The Photoz,
courtesy of Bespoked
The advantages of made-to-measure :
  • Input from a professional custom-tailor or designer.
  • A variety of fabrics to choose from, catering to a range of budgets.
  • A better fit when compared to a suit bought 'off-the-peg'.
  • Exclusivity, as the suit is made specifically to your requirements rather than mass produced.
Different looks
Photo courtesy of Wardrobe
Photo courtesy of Wardrobe
Some issues to take note of :
  • Browse men's magazines to have an idea of the latest trends and fabric choices.Identify styles that catch your fancy.
  • Ask around for recommendations when deciding on which custom-tailors to visit. 
  • A trendy design or a classic cut?
  • Take into consideration our weather conditions when selecting fabric.
  • Choose a design that complements your fiancées bridal gown, and the formality of your wedding.
Tuxedo shirt and bow-tie


Tip : A classic cut will transcend fashion trends and give you more mileage in the long run.