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The Love Of Colour

Apr 01, 2019

The use of colour has been a perennial favourite when it comes to wedding themes. Indeed, soon-to-be-wed couples who have a love of colour typically go all out to plan their big day around a colour or combination of colours that they have an affinity with. And when a hotel is the proud owner of a ballroom that caters to such aficionados, it could very well be a perfect match between the couple and the wedding venue.

An auspicious red coloured theme 
Photo courtesy of Empire Hotel Subang

Lighting of various hues
Photo courtesy of Empire Hotel Subang

The appeal of such a ballroom :

  • Contemporary design.
  • Lighting of various hues.
  • A canvas from which the couple’s planner and decorator can showcase their artistry and creativity.
  • A backdrop for striking photos.

Towering centrepiece
Photo courtesy of Empire Hotel Subang

Table setting
Photo courtesy of Empire Hotel Subang

Some suggestions :

  • Bring all your appointed vendors on a tour of the ballroom so that their creations can be designed to fit the theme you have chosen.
  • Be open to creative suggestions of your vendors so that a unique theme can be conceptualised.
  • Ensure that the capacity of the ballroom is able to accommodate your guest list.


The aisle and flower pedestals
Photo courtesy of Empire Hotel Subang


Tip : Make it a point to meet with the events team of Empire Hotel Subang as well as view the hotel’s ballroom and other more intimate venues for celebrations. More details here.