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A Subtle Touch

Jul 26, 2017

The days of intrusive videographers are numbered as more and more couples opt for professionals who are adept at capturing the essence of their wedding day without being an obstruction to the couple and their guests. Modern and sophisticated equipment have rendered bright spotlights unnecessary and have provided the opportunity for seasoned professionals to discreetly film as the wedding day unfolds, blending into the crowd as seamlessly as possible.

The groom and entourage
Photo courtesy of 3PM Studio

A quiet moment in Santorini
Photo courtesy of Motion In Style

Some trends :

  • Keeping the video short, sweet and to the point.
  • Create a save-the-date video that captures the imagination of your intended guests.
  • Artistic, cinematic film that relates your love story.
  • The same-day edit is now a norm, to be showcased during the wedding banquet.

A wave
Photo courtesy of Lovebirds Video

Look here
Photo courtesy of Shutterspeak Studio

A few suggestions :

  • Get recommendations from your photographer.
  • Shortlist a few, view their work and consider their respective styles.
  • Spend some time with them prior to engaging them to see if you gel.
  • Spell out the terms of the contract.

Leading the toast
Photo courtesy of Awesome Studios

Traditional form of transport
Photo courtesy of Kid A Productions


Tip : Give your appointed videographer artistic freedom. Have a look here.