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No Missing Out

Jan 24, 2017

There are times during one’s wedding day that the bride and groom will inevitably be apart. It is during such times that documenting the happenings in an audio visual manner allows both of them to re-live the day’s events at a later time. Indeed, even when they are together, there are occurrences that they will miss out on witnessing, particularly when it involves large groups of family and guests.

Documenting a milestone
Photo courtesy of Lovebirds Video

The bride
Photo courtesy of 3PM Studio

Discuss the following with your cinematographer :

  • Budgets and how much coverage will be provided.
  • Identify the important people to be covered i.e. immediate family, relatives, the bridal party etc.
  • Itemise the rundown of events throughout the celebration.
  • Deliverables and timeframe for delivery.

The groom
Photo courtesy of Kid A Productions

Akad Nikah
Photo courtesy of Dianagraphy Studio

It will also be a good idea to have all your other vendors who will be present on your wedding day coordinate with your cinematographer, particularly your photographer.

Photo courtesy of Lestony Lee Photography

Guests as witnesses
Photo courtesy of Awesome Studios

Being unobtrusive
Photo courtesy of Lovebirds Video


Tip : Run through the schedule of events prior to the wedding day. Have a look at our partner vendors here.