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Dressing The Bride

Nov 30, 2017

Once a lady accepts a marriage proposal, one of the first things on her mind would be her wedding attire. Having dreamed all her life about this most special day, top on her list would be to go in search of the gowns that will fulfill her vision of being a resplendent bride. These would include :

  • Registration dress.
  • Bridal gown.
  • Evening gown.

A unique neckline
Photo courtesy of 7th Heaven Bridal Gallery

A bolero to match
Gown by Eleena Lamat, photo courtesy of Grant Corban Weddings

For the bride-to-be, the search can begin at any one of these establishments :

  • Bridal studio.
  • Specialty bridal boutiques.
  • Designer salons.

Sheer lace neckline
Gown by Eleusis, photo courtesy of MunKeat Photography

A lace bodice
Photo courtesy of The Wedding Barn Gallery

Each offers differing products and levels of service. The aim is to find the vendor that fits you in terms of style, budget and compatibility. Always begin by getting to know the people behind the business, their philosophy and work ethic. Then view their portfolio, make it a point to try at least a few dresses and have a discussion with them. Most importantly, broach the topic about budget – what you can afford and how much you are willing to spend. Good service providers will always be able to offer you some options based on what you have set aside for wedding attire.

A ball skirt
Photo courtesy of Silver Hearts Bridal

Asymmetrical neckline
Gown by That Special Occasion, photo courtesy of ZA Gallery


Tip : Study the packages thoroughly and discuss with the designer what the options are. Have a look here.