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Never Too Early

Jan 02, 2018

Planning for a wedding is no easy task. No matter how small or how large a wedding, the list of ‘to do’s is a relatively long one. The nitty-gritty and attention to detail required can be overwhelming and those who prefer to have a more relaxing time in the lead up to their wedding day should consider hiring a professional wedding planner.

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Combination of yellow and blue
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Good ideas
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A planner will among other things :

  • Assist in drawing up an action plan.
  • Make a list of tasks to tackle.
  • Prompt you on decisions that have to be made.
  • Itemise costs to be incurred.
  • Make you stick to timelines and deadlines.
  • Coordinate your entire wedding.

Canopy reception
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Simple yet striking
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Table setting
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Main table
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They will also through their extensive contacts in the industry be able to :

  • Recommend vendors whom you should consider.
  • Make appointments for one-on-one consultations.
  • Liaise with vendors whom you have selected.

Oriental centrepiece
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Contemporary backdrop
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An oriental theme
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Place setting
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Tip : Do not leave things to the last minute. Be in touch with our partner wedding planners here.