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Drink And Be Merry

Nov 01, 2018

For many weddings, drinks are very much part and parcel of the celebrations. Be it at the pre-dinner cocktail, the wedding banquet itself or the after-party even, enjoying a tipple and being festive certainly brings life to the celebrations. Indeed, one of the most important components of the banquet is the toast to the newlyweds. While it is often the case that not all of the guests will partake in alcoholic beverages, many do, and serving a well-chosen selection of drinks that complement the food and suit the palate of your guests would contribute to a memorable evening.

Photo courtesy of Fermented Grape Juice

Photo courtesy of Fermented Grape Juice

Some suggestions :

  • Most couples purchase wines and spirits independently and have them delivered to the venue.
  • The same applies to beer, but occasionally whether this is possible will depend on the policy of the venue.
  • Consider a supplier that has an extensive list for you to choose from, and who caters to a range of budgets.
  • For celebrations that are hosted at a non-hotel venue, for example, on the grounds of a family home, or perhaps in a large hall, or maybe in a canopy erected in a public park, do consider a supplier that also offers glassware rental and waitering service.
  • Couples who have a passion for visiting bars may perhaps contemplate hiring a team of mixologists to create signature cocktails and other favourites too.

Photo courtesy of Fermented Grape Juice

Bartender service
Photo courtesy of Fermented Grape Juice

A few tips :

  • When negotiating with your venue, be sure to nail down a corkage policy upfront to avoid any conflict during the wedding banquet.
  • Ask the experts for advice, ranging from wine pairing to quantities to serve as well as what the best options would be to stretch your budget if necessary.

Waitering service
Photo courtesy of Fermented Grape Juice

Draught beer service
Photo courtesy of Fermented Grape Juice


Tip : Give the experts from Fermented Grape Juice a call to set up an appointment to discuss beverage options for your wedding banquet. More details here.