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An Inspiring Love Story

Nov 01, 2018

Name of couple : Yoon and Grange

Venue : Suffolk House and The Blue Mansion, Penang

Wedding experts : Sugar & Spice Events, Ohara Florist, TeeToo Photography, MX Academy, Li Er Café, Leesin of I Love Cakes, KombeeWagen, WIC, Kester Strings Quartet, Spotlight Events and Yan Yang Tian

Amy of Sugar & Spice Events on this inspiring love story ……….. Yoon and Grange have been together for more than 1 decade. They had decided a long time ago not to marry and they would just grow old together without signing on the dotted line. One fine day, during their annual holiday, Grange changed his mind, decided that he wanted to put a ring on Yoon, went down on bended knees with a huge rock asking her to be his wife with the sound of aeroplanes zooming by (they are both in the aviation industry). Grange proposed on Maho Beach, which is the beach right next to Princess Juliana Airport, St. Maarten. This airport is known as one of the most dangerous airports in the world.

What for us as a planner that was most memorable about this wedding is the love and bond they have which knows no bounds, surpasses all obstacles and has definitely made their parents super happy. With family ties to Penang and also the West, Yoon and Grange stayed true to their roots and merged the best of East and West at their wedding with 100 of their nearest and dearest. We love how they made it a point to go around Penang taking photos and capturing fun, loving moments in the heart of George Town. Not to mention enjoying a nice cup of iced kopi tarik in their wedding attire! The entire planning spanned between Penang and Singapore, where they are based. Yoon and Grange's love story has been most inspiring and we truly wish for everyone we know to have a love like theirs.

Getting ready




Exchange of vows

Let's have a cold drink

Lovely shot


A trishaw escorted by two lions

Bouquet toss

First dance


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