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The Love Of Parents

Feb 01, 2019

Name of couple : Sher Fynn and Caleb

Venue : DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang

Vendors : Ohara Florist and the team from DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang

The resort’s events team recounts the wedding … ‘This was a wedding planned by the bride’s parents, Mr and Mrs Chua for their beloved daughter, Sher Fynn. All the arrangements were planned as a surprise for Caleb and Sher Fynn as both of them are working in the UK. Mr and Mrs Chua started planning with the resort and florist a year prior to the wedding dinner in November 2018 . Every single detail such as the menu, food presentation and ballroom decoration were planned meticulously, with Mrs Chua, Ohara Florist and the resort working together to ensure a beautiful surprise for the couple and their loved ones. The chefs in the resort presented a total number of 242 guests with individual plating service of a delectable 8-course Chinese set menu. This amazed the couple and all their guests. Another very special feature, the entrance arch which was specially designed by Mr and Mrs Chua marked a lovely new journey for Caleb and Sher Fynn as they marched in together with their parents’ blessings. Sher Fynn and Caleb’s first dance as Mr and Mrs on the dance floor in the resort’s Esplanade Ballroom created a memorable night for the couple and their beloved guests.’

Registration table

Beautiful ballroom setting

The newlyweds


Table setting

Wedding cake

Champagne fountain


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