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Wedding Under A Tree

Oct 30, 2017

Name of couple : Brenda and Danny

Venue : Wanaka the Bungalow at Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur

Wedding experts : Grant Corban Photography and Nook Flowers

Grant Corban who documented the wedding has this to say... ' I have known Brenda and Danny for quite some time as we have collaborated on various wedding projects in the past, so when they announced their own wedding I was thrilled. Then when they asked if I could shoot for them, I have to admit I had mixed feelings. On the one hand I wanted to relax and enjoy the day, while on the other I wanted to make sure they would get good photos. In the end the latter reason won out so i agreed to do it. The location having a "Kiwi" name was also a treat.'


Welcome sign

A unique bouquet

Ceremony under a tree

Exchange of vows

The rings


Bar menu

To go with the cocktails

Words of thanks



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