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KLPHOTOGRAPHERS welcomes you to a world of digital imaging and craftsmanship. Being a group of professional photographers, we do what we do best ... photography. Step in to the world with us as we bring photography to you in a different perspective. Our strength lies in 'actual day' wedding photography and all activities leading to wedding. We capture the scene as how we see it, which unfolds to a storyboard thereafter. This is what we call journalistic style approach. Photographs are mostly captured candid and at intriguing angles and lighting to provide that sweeping effect. As the group grows over time, we take the opportunity to expand our services under the group name KLPhotographers & Associates. Photography is now extended to cover corporate events such as official launches and conventions, and commercial photography such as food menu, corporate profiles and sporting events. KLPhotographers & Associates now consists of associate partners of videographers, make-up artists, wedding planners, pastry chefs, gifts and hamper stylists.