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About us
Dianagraphy Studio has been established in April 2014. Our core businesses are photography, videography and design. We intend to create value and make a difference. 
Initially, we were focusing on weddings and events. When time passed by, we thought, why do we need to limit ourselves? Since then, we have started to explore new things. 
We are highly energised and professional in doing our job. In addition to that, we are absolutely customer-oriented and treasure our relationships with clients. Hence, we have developed long-term relationships with clients. Serving them only in their interests is acknowledged as a corporate culture in our initiatives. 
The Team 
Nur Diana MP - Graduated from UPM with MA in Corporate Communication. She is very passionate in arts and design, especially photography and videography. She has involved in the photography world since 2010 and videography since 2013.
Firdaus Jusdean - Has worked and involved with NGO since 2010. He is a self-taught videographer and has experience in it for three years. He attended few photography and videography workshops in order to improve his skill in the genre that he loves the most. He has been involved in photography and videography professionally for full time basis for about three years. 
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