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Lestony Lee is a professional photographer with 7 years experience and is certified by Master Photography Association UK. He specialises in weddings, events and portraiture. His passion for photography began in 2006 as a hobbyist where he worked as a part time assistant for portrait photography. His journey to becoming a professional photographer started in 2009 when he received the gift of a camera from his brother and quickly became an ardent amateur photographer. With a strong ambition, he always looks for ways to emulate and challenge himself to enhance his techniques and photography quality by joining WPPM 2011 as well as participating in several workshops. Throughout the years, his passion in photography has seen him produce creative images that have won awards in international competitions as well as establish close collaboration with local artists and masters. He always believes that with positive thinking and self-motivation all life’s challenges are the tools to improve himself and get out from the comfort zone. Other than photography, Lestony and his team also offers couples the opportunity to document their wedding via an audio-visual narrative through videography services. 

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