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Vibe of an Artisanal Cafe At Your Wedding

Mar 01, 2019

It goes without saying that every soon-to-be-wed couple would desire for their wedding to be unique and one-of-a-kind, one that speaks of their preferences and what they enjoy in life as a couple, and in the process create a memorable experience for their family and guests as well.

With the newlyweds
Photo courtesy of Kaveh Mobile Espresso Bar

For couples who enjoy and appreciate the artisanal café scene, a mobile espresso bar is certainly a creative way of including this favourite pastime of theirs in their wedding celebrations. Be it at the homes of the bride and groom, the venue of the wedding ceremony and reception thereafter, or perhaps at the wedding banquet, the opportunity to enjoy artisanal café beverages will certainly be appreciated by those present.

A distinctive experience :

  • A pop-up concept.
  • Ability to be integrated into your catering setup.
  • Possibility of incorporating your décor theme into its setup.
  • Beverages that are familiar to your guests as well as more interesting takes, such as Gula Melaka Latte.
  • Friendly and affable baristas who will interact well with your guests.

Pop up concept
Photo courtesy of Kaveh Mobile Espresso Bar

Here you go
Photo courtesy of Kaveh Mobile Espresso Bar

Serving wedding guests
Photo courtesy of Kaveh Mobile Espresso Bar

Artisanal coffee
Photo courtesy of Kaveh Mobile Espresso Bar


Tip : Contact the team from Kaveh Mobile Espresso Bar to have a chat and get a better understanding on how their service may be incorporated into your wedding celebrations. More details here.