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A Way With Words, Adept At Cultural Practices

Jun 01, 2019

A way with words, adept at cultural practices. This is certainly true when it comes to the wedding celebrant as well as the wedding chaperone. The former who officiates the wedding ceremony where the couple exchanges their vows and the latter whose in-depth knowledge of cultural wedding practices is much appreciated by contemporary couples who still have an affinity to observing traditions.

Celebrant officiating the exchange of vows
Photo courtesy of Jeff Henry

Discuss the following with these wedding professionals :

  • The scope of service provided and the amount of time spent at the event.
  • Their rates and their respective payment terms.
  • Schedule of the wedding day’s events.
  • Run through the ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s and what your preferences are, in particular the practices you wish to partake in and those which you wish to omit.

Chaperone escorting the newlyweds
Photo courtesy of SS2U Wedding

Conducting the tea ceremony
Photo courtesy of SS2U Wedding

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