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Cultural Guidance

Oct 01, 2020

Modern couples nowadays, particularly those who have an affinity to heritage and who would like to honour their culture in their nuptials, often require some cultural guidance when it comes to wedding traditions and customs. While many have adopted a contemporary stance when it comes to weddings, eschewing such cultural practices, many too have taken the time and effort to highlight their ancestry.

Celebrative baskets
Photo courtesy of Xi Yan

Customary props, accessories and wedding attire
Photo by NWorks Photography, courtesy of Liang Yuan Enterprise

Some suggestions :

  • Seek advice from elders in the extended family, especially those who relatives heavily rely on during festivals and celebrations.
  • Meet with wedding experts who offer such services, be it a wedding culture consultant or wedding chaperone.
  • You can include a host of customary practices or just include a few; the choice is up to you as it is very much ‘your wedding’ so to speak.

Dressed in traditional wedding attire to fetch his bride
Photo by Cliff Choong Photography, courtesy of Lady JC Wedding House

Contemplate the following too :

  • Some costs will have to be incurred, so be sure to budget wisely.
  • Make your photographer and videographer aware if you wish to have such parts of your nuptials captured.

A wedding chaperone escorts the couple
Photo courtesy of SS2U Wedding


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