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Oriental Traditions

Jul 01, 2018

When it comes to Chinese weddings, those who have an affinity to cultural heritage will very often have a number of traditional and cultural practices incorporated into their wedding ceremony. 

Double happiness
Photo courtesy of SS2U Wedding

Serving tea to elders
Photo by John Lam, courtesy of Jerry Wong

Some of these practices, if couples are uncertain, can be gleaned from the following who often have knowledge and experience with such traditions :

  • Wedding chaperone.
  • Wedding culture consultant.

A basket of mandarins
Photo courtesy of SS2U Wedding

Cushion and chairs for the tea ceremony
Photo courtesy of SS2U Wedding

Photo courtesy of MC Jo

A few tips :

  • Make an appointment with either of the above to learn more about their services and get some insight into such cultural practices.
  • Ascertain their fees and charges.
  • Book them early if you require their services, especially if your wedding falls on a ‘hot date’.

Every item has a special meaning
Photo courtesy of SS2U Wedding

Lamp for the bedroom
Photo courtesy of SS2U Wedding

Respect to parents
Photo by David and Prue, courtesy of Dary Chong

Traditional attire with a space age twist
Photo by TeeToo, courtesy of Sugar & Spice Events


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