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Preserving Traditional Chinese Heritage

Oct 01, 2019

For many modern, soon-to-be-wed couples of Chinese origin, navigating the numerous traditional customary practices associated with weddings can be a challenge, particularly for those whose contemporary lifestyles have taken precedence. Although the well-meaning thoughts and assistance of the ‘elders’ in the extended family may help, it is also advisable to seek the experience and expertise of wedding professionals, especially those well-versed in Chinese heritage associated with matrimony.

A treasure trove of traditional accessories, customary items and costumes for Chinese weddings
Photo courtesy of Liang Yuan Enterprise

Cultural and traditional elements of a Chinese wedding may include some of the following :

  • Customary items such as betrothal gifts and those pertinent to the wedding ceremony.
  • Oriental wedding attire and their significance in terms of design.
  • Accessories for the tea ceremony.
  • Décor items for the homes of the bride and groom’s families.
  • Auspicious dates, timings, phrases, verses and ‘sayings’.

Selecting a kwa
Photo courtesy of Liang Yuan Enterprise

Consider the following :

  • The degree by which you adhere to such customs and practices is totally up to you as a couple. However, sometimes, parents may get involved too in such decisions.
  • Incorporating some customs and traditions is a way of honouring your heritage, and should be encouraged.

Outfitted in traditional Chinese wedding attire
Photo courtesy of Liang Yuan Enterprise

Customary items for traditional Chinese matrimony
Photo courtesy of Liang Yuan Enterprise


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