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Stage And Diplomacy

Sep 01, 2019

Stage presence and stage craft as well as the ability to work the crowd are important elements when it comes to conducting the exchange of vows ceremony or the wedding banquet. Whether large or small, the guests at a wedding celebration are there to have a meaningful and good time, and carefully curated text during the wedding ceremony and entertainment segments throughout the dinner party will enhance the experience for all.

Conducting the exchange of vows
Photo courtesy of Emcee Sugar

Officiating the wedding ceremony
Photo courtesy of Jeff Henry

During the planning process, it would be wise to arrange for meetings between your wedding planner and your appointed wedding celebrant and master of ceremonies. It will be a time for you to share some of your ideas and preferences in terms of the ‘tone’ of the events, languages to be spoken and length of talk-sets.

Celebrant at work
Photo courtesy of Jeff Henry

With the newlyweds
Photo courtesy of Kevin Chong

Consider the following :

  • An experienced professional who can also banter with the crowd.
  • Perhaps a celebrant and master of ceremonies who is multi-lingual.
  • The budget you have allocated and the rates quoted.

Dressed to theme
Photo courtesy of Mandenco Studio

On stage at the wedding banquet
Photo courtesy of Emcee Sugar

Words of advice :

  • Provide your vendors with a name list of those who are to be mentioned and highlight pronunciation and salutations.
  • Ensure they are aware of family relationships and get them correct.

With the groom
Photo courtesy of Mandenco Studio

With the bride and groom
Photo courtesy of Kevin Chong


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