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A Creative Floral Vision

Jan 01, 2020

Flowers are more often than not, a perennial component of wedding celebrations. From something as simple as a corsage to something as extravagant as a floral wall or hanging ceiling, its creative use is endless, only bound by the limits of budget. The artistry of floral designers and their innovative use of flowers can indeed make a wedding that extra special, the ‘wow’ factor so to speak.

Floral accents for an alfresco celebration
Photo by Armadale Weddings, courtesy of Nook Flowers

Striking floral urn
Photo courtesy of Faye's Florist & Gifts

Centrepiece for a guests' table
Photo courtesy of Faye's Florist & Gifts

Whilst fresh flowers have always been favoured, nowadays, depending on the scale of such creative endeavours, some have taken to incorporating preserved as well as artificial flowers to achieve their vision. There is no right or wrong to this, as long as the couple’s wishes are fulfilled and they are happy with the resultant outcome of the floral design process.

Combination of heights
Photo by Cliff Choong Photography, courtesy of Te'amo MY

Floral centrepieces offset against the balloons
Photo courtesy of WhichKraft Projekt

Some pointers though :

  • Be upfront about your budget.
  • Brainstorm ideas and be open to suggestions from the wedding vendor.
  • If a combination of fresh, preserved and artificial flowers are proposed, do determine their ratios and be sure that you are on board with the idea.
  • Once the nitty-gritty of negotiations are out of the way, give your appointed floral designer a free hand to express his or her creativity.

An exotic theme
Photo courtesy of Creativelines

Floral lined aisle
Photo courtesy of Hooray Decoration & Design

Elegant in shades of white
Photo by Sunysan Photography, courtesy of Ohara Florist

Flowers on the wedding car
Photo courtesy of Faye's Florist & Gifts


Tip : Share ideas with the floral designers. Have a look here.