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Of Bouquets And Arches

Mar 01, 2020

At the onset of the wedding day, two components of wedding flowers that are focal points when it comes to what guests take notice of are the bridal bouquet and floral arch. The former completes the bride’s ensemble, the latter welcomes everyone as they take their seats at the exchange of vows ceremony.

A bouquet of cheerful colours
Photo by Cliff Choong Photography, courtesy of Hooray Decoration & Design

For a bride who loves a cradle bouquet
Photo courtesy of Faye's Florist & Gifts

A unique cradle bouquet
Photo courtesy of Hua Bar Floral Design 

A twist on a tropical trend
Photo by Cliff Choong Photography, courtesy of Te’amo MY

Romantic pastel shades 
Photo by Peter Herman Photography, courtesy of WhichKraft Projekt

A creative take 
Photo by Cliff Choong Photography, courtesy of ‚ÄčOhara Florist

Styles vary and flowers are aplenty. Indeed, the options are almost endless, particularly when one gives a free hand to floral designers and decorators to express their creativity and artistic vision. This is where trust plays an important role, the trust that a couple places in their appointed florist and decorator to help them realise the wedding theme they have envisioned for their big day.

Shades of blue with some contrast 
Photo courtesy of Ninety Seconds Florist Studio

Simple and elegant 
Photo by My Story Photography, courtesy of Love & Love Weddings

A unique creation indeed 
Photo by Wondrous Vision, courtesy of Nook Flowers 

A thematic approach 
Photo by Arch & Vow Studio, courtesy of Hera & C Moments

A circular floral arch 
Photo by Jas Studio, courtesy of Sincerité Wedding & Events

Flowers and draping 
Photo courtesy of Promesse Wedding Designer

Some thoughts to ponder :

  • Fresh flowers only or are you open to include some preserved, dried and/or artificial flowers.
  • All things being equal, fresh flowers are typically more costly. The same applies with respect to imported blooms versus local varieties.
  • Flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding.
  • Vibrant, strong and striking hues or romantic, pastel shades.
  • Elaborate designs or simple creations.

A sweet and romantic vibe 
Photo courtesy of GNG Studiobooth

A beautiful arch  
Photo courtesy of Dream Couture

A rustic theme 
Photo by Arch & Vow Studio, courtesy of Wishhper

Centrepiece for an outdoor reception 
Photo courtesy of Hua Bar Floral Design

Tones of ivory and green  
Photo by Adam Ong Photography, courtesy of Significant Weddings & Events Consultant

Outdoor ceremony at The Kuala Lumpur Journal  
Photo by Ooi Eric Studio, courtesy of Art Of Love Props Rental


Tip : Brainstorm with the floral designers and decorators. Have a look here and here.