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Taking It Up a Notch

Dec 01, 2019

Be it for the exchange of vows or wedding banquet, every couple wishes to have a wedding day that is not only significant for them as a couple but also one that is memorable for those who have been given the honour of gracing the celebrations. Whilst the chosen venues for both the ceremony and reception will typically be ones that offer wedding packages that come with some floral and décor components, couples who wish to take it up a notch often collaborate with specialist decorators whom they hire as part of their team of wedding vendors.

A garden setting for the vows
 Photo courtesy of Promesse Wedding Designer

Welcome signage
 Photo by Jas Studio, courtesy of Sincerité Wedding & Events

A rustic corner
 Photo courtesy of Hera & C Moments

Traits to look for in a wedding decorator :

  • Artistic.
  • Original.
  • A ‘signature’ sense of style.
  • Amicable.

Tea ceremony
 Photo courtesy of Love & Love Weddings And Events

Registration table
Photo by David Jong Photography, courtesy of Art Of Love Props Rental

 Photo courtesy of WhichKraft Projekt

Other considerations to take into account :

  • The budget you have set aside.
  • The rates being charged by the decorator.
  • The scope of work both you and the vendor envision.
  • Reputation within the wedding industry and word-of-mouth recommendations.
  • How well you all get along.
  • Experience with the venues you have chosen.

Sumptuous floral pedestals
 Photo courtesy of GNG Studiobooth

Such a unique vignette
 Photo courtesy of Creativelines

Centrepieces for an alfresco celebration
 Photo courtesy of Hooray Decoration & Design

Simple and elegant
 Photo by Arch & Vow Studio, courtesy of Wishhper

Stage and lighting
 Photo courtesy of Classic Floral Services

Table for two
 Photo courtesy of Dream Couture


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