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Sweets Indeed

Jul 01, 2020

Something to look forward to indeed for guests who have a sweet tooth. For these invitees to a wedding reception, the prospect of ending the evening’s meal with some sweets from a dessert buffet is very much welcomed. Be it cupcakes, pastries, chocolates, cookies, popcorn, candy or any other forms of dessert, a buffet of sweet temptations can certainly be an attraction after an evening of celebration.

Sweets indeed
Photo courtesy of The Bren's Bake Shop

The concept :

  • Is there a theme to take inspiration from?
  • How will the desserts be displayed?
  • Décor items to enhance the display?

Photo courtesy of Sylvia Alexa Artistry

Delicately crafted
Photo courtesy of Mad Hatter Desserts

The cost :

  • How many guests would you need to cater to?
  • A larger variety of more affordable desserts or a more curated selection of pricier treats?
  • How many buffet stations will you require?

Pretty in pink
Photo by the2mdecor, courtesy of Little Collins Cakery & Cafe

An array to choose from
Photo courtesy of Arifah Hot Oven

Dainty options
Photo courtesy of D'Sabroso

Other considerations :

  • An indoor or outdoor celebration? Can the desserts withstand the weather conditions, especially if it is an outdoor wedding reception?
  • Who sets up the dessert bar i.e. the dessert vendor or the decorator?

A lovely cake
Photo by Sunnysan Photography, courtesy of Joyew Management

Take a treat
Photo courtesy of Armadale Weddings


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