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Mar 01, 2019

Guests who have a sweet tooth and who enjoy a sweet ending to a celebration will certainly appreciate the opportunity of indulging at a dessert buffet. For couples who have the budget, allocating a portion of funds to a dessert buffet is certainly money well spent. Not only does it offer your guests the chance to sample a variety of sweets, the buffet is also visually appealing and is a spot where guests can mingle and chat.

Local deligths
Photo by Teetoo Photography, courtesy of Touching Hearts Wedding Concepts

Ready to be plated and displayed
Photo courtesy of Arifah Hot Oven

Discuss the following :

  • How much you are willing to spend.
  • The incorporation of a theme if necessary.
  • Types of desserts and how many people to cater for. 

Colourful creations
Photo courtesy of Salty & Co Desserts

Elegant desserts
Photo by SA Wedding Studio, courtesy of The Quirky Taste

A garden setting
Photo courtesy of Dream Couture

Variety of goodies
Photo by Mphotoo, courtesy of Elysium Weddings

Very cute indeed
Photo courtesy of LaFame Bridal Mansion, courtesy of Jovita Lo Weddings

Coordinate the following with the venue’s operations team :

  • Space requirements.
  • Number of tables needed.
  • Time of setup and tear down.

Cookies packed to go
Photo courtesy of The Skinny Bakers

Cupcakes are always popular
Photo courtesy of Salty & Co Desserts

A few tips :

  • Ensure that there is sufficient space for guests to move around the buffet.
  • Have takeaway bags ready.

Treats for the guests
Photo courtesy of Arifah Hot Oven

Alfresco cocktail
Photo by Momento Wedding, courtesy of Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa

Cakes and dainty treats
Photo by Cliff Choong Photography, courtesy of The Quirky Taste

Lovely pastel hues
Photo courtesy of My Wedding Planner


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