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Picture Perfect By The Sea

Apr 01, 2020

A picture perfect setting by the sea, the dreams that destination weddings are made of. Imagine exchanging vows right on the beach with the sea as a backdrop. Or perhaps for a more unique twist, how about a wedding ceremony on a jetty looking out to sea? With such opportunities available, it is not hard to imagine soon-to-be-weds contemplating a destination wedding rather than one in their home city.

How beautiful is this jetty setting
Photo courtesy of Evason Ana Mandara

A few tips when planning for a destination wedding :

  • Set a reasonable budget. For the most part, cost savings you make from a smaller guest list may be offset with travel and accommodation costs. Balance it prudently. 
  • Set the date early on in the planning process so that you may make bookings for flights and accommodation when promotions are offered.
  • For a local flavour, why not incorporate cultural practices, customs and cuisine into your wedding celebration.

Imagine walking down the aisle to this view
Photo courtesy of Evason Ana Mandara

A long stetch of beach
Photo courtesy of Evason Ana Mandara

Selecting a venue :

  • Choose a resort that offers a variety of settings and panoramic views.
  • The reputation of the resort and its experience in hosting weddings should also be considered.

Vows on the jetty
Photo courtesy of Evason Ana Mandara

A happy wedding indeed
Photo courtesy of Evason Ana Mandara


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