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Carrying A Tune

Dec 01, 2018

Entertainment, together with sound and light as well as décor, are components that contribute to the overall ambience of a wedding banquet. Indeed, each complements the other, and as a whole, create an experience that leaves a lasting impression on the newlyweds, their families and friends.

Beautiful visual as a backdrop for the entertainment
Photo courtesy of Psychoacoustic

Belting out tunes
Photo by Tang Chun Cheuh, courtesy of Janet Lee

Carrying a tune well and the ability to engage and have rapport with the crowd are inherent traits that a couple looks for when evaluating the entertainment options. Other characteristics that make one more attractive than the other would include :

  • A wide repertoire.
  • Reasonable rates.
  • Flexibility in planning performance sets and schedule.
  • Affable personality.

Musicians in red
Photo courtesy of Amanda Sax & KG

Amanda and her saxophone
Photo courtesy of Amanda Sax & KG

An Oriental band
Photo courtesy of Regal Orchestra

Traditional tunes
Photo courtesy of Regal Orchestra

A trio
Photo courtesy of Mandenco Studio

A few tips :

  • Determine the musical inclinations of your guests.
  • Is there a need to tailor the musical genre to your wedding theme?
  • Allocate sufficient space for the performers, either on stage or on a side-stage.
  • Be sure to provide your vendor with a meal prior to the banquet


Tip : Be sure to run through and confirm the playlist prior to your wedding banquet. Have a look here.