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Enhancing The Ambience

Aug 01, 2019

It is the desire of every bride and groom for their guests to have a memorable and enjoyable evening at their wedding banquet. The setting, food and company aside, music too can play a role in enhancing the ambience for the evening.

Belting out a number
Photo courtesy of Janet Lee

Initial considerations:

  • How much of your wedding budget have you allocated to entertainment?
  • What type of music will complement your wedding theme?
  • Is your wedding banquet a formal, semi-formal or casual affair?
  • What music do you enjoy as a couple?

A trio in red
Photo courtesy of Amanda Sax & KG

Classic Chinese tunes
Photo courtesy of Regal Orchestra

Discuss the following:

  • How may sets should there be throughout the evening?
  • Are you able to provide input into the playlist?
  • The nature of the performance you wish to have e.g. vocalist, jazz band, string quartet, traditional music ensemble etc.
  • The provision of meal prior to commencement of performance.
  • Booking policy and payment terms.

Entertaining at a wedding banquet
Photo courtesy of Mandenco Studio


Tip: Ensure that lyrics of songs selected are appropriate. Have a look here.