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Gift Of The Gab

Apr 01, 2021

A competent Master Of Ceremonies who has the gift of the gab and who has the ability to size up the crowd as well as pace himself or herself throughout the course of the evening will ensure that your wedding banquet runs smoothly, with your guests having a good time celebrating your union as husband and wife.

So what say you newlyweds
Photo courtesy of William Lee

Sharing a stage with the couple
Photo courtesy of Mandenco Studio

Consider the following :

  • Do you require the Master Of Ceremonies to be multi-lingual?
  • Does his personality gel with yours?
  • Is she accommodating to your requests?
  • Do their rates meet your planned budget?
  • Do they come highly recommended by your other vendors, or perhaps friends?

Emcee on stage
Photo courtesy of Jit Woo

In the spotlight
Photo courtesy of Kevin Chong

Pop the champagne please
Photo courtesy of Emcee Sugar


Tip : Run through the evening’s itinerary with your Master Of Ceremonies prior to the banquet. Check them out here.