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The Emcee And The Wedding Chaperone

Feb 01, 2019

The Master Of Ceremonies and the Wedding Chaperone (for Chinese weddings per se) both play an important role during the wedding day. The former enlivens the wedding banquet whereas the latter dispenses cultural and traditional practices during the wedding ceremony. Indeed, some professionals can take on both roles, providing couples with the chance of dealing with just one person for both events.

Escorting the bride and groom
Photo by Jay Yeong, courtesy of Dary Chong

Newlyweds serving tea
Photo by Jena Yek, courtesy of Jerry Wong

Newlyweds being served tea
Photo courtesy of MC JO

A few tips :

  • Discuss scope of duties and duration of attendance.
  • Put aside a reasonable budget for both these professionals and negotiate a good rate upfront.
  • Do realise however, that quality comes at a price.
  • Introduce your wedding chaperone and emcee to your other appointed vendors so that they may coordinate amongst themselves.
  • If necessary, conduct a rehearsal with your emcee prior to the wedding banquet.
  • For the tea ceremony at Chinese weddings, be prepared with a list of ‘elders’ to be served tea by the newlyweds and those who will be serving tea to the couple.

Ready for the banquet
Photo courtesy of Mandenco Studio

With the newlyweds
Photo courtesy of Kevin Chong

Urging the couple on
Photo courtesy of MC JO

Seeking a response
Photo by Jena Yek, courtesy of Jerry Wong

On stage with the couple
Photo by Jay Yeong, courtesy of Dary Chong


Tip : Meet with each professional to gauge their personalities. Have a look here and here.