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A Vision At The Banquet

Jun 01, 2020

On this very special occasion and milestone in life, every woman would wish to look her best. At the wedding banquet, in particular, where all eyes will be on her as a newlywed, every bride-to-be will certainly make it a point to seek out the evening gown that will justly make her the centre of attention.

 Gown that complements colours of the environment
Photo by Plan A Production, courtesy of Inzpire

 Gown embellished with lace and ribbon detail 
Photo courtesy of Emcee Bridal, byMeichi

Regardless of one’s budget, there are options for consideration, as the wedding market caters to varying needs. Be it rental of an off-the-rack-design or a custom creation, bridal galleries, specialist bridal salons and fashion designers all offer a myriad of services that couples can contemplate.

  Off shoulder gown
  Photo by, courtesy of Imprezz Gallery

 A halterneck lace gown
Photo courtesy of Jojo Bridal Design

For starters :

  • Determine the amount you wish to spend on the evening gown.
  • Decide if you wish to keep the gown after the wedding.
  • Are you fine with renting a gown or have you always desired to have it custom-designed to your requirements.
  • Do some research as well as ask for recommendations from friends who have recently tied-the-knot or perhaps from some of your appointed wedding vendors.
  • Browse special offers and promotions, particularly when it comes to rental options.

  Contrast in hues 
Photo courtesy of Promesse Wedding Designer

 Sheer bodice 
Photo courtesy of Simply Gorgeous

Discuss the following with the gown vendors :

  • Silhouettes that accentuate your best features i.e. try on various cuts to see what looks best on you.
  • Colours that you favour and if they make you stand out from a crowd.
  • Embellishments for a custom gown.
  • The setting of your wedding reception and how comfortable you will be in the gowns you may have shortlisted.
  • Lead time for alterations of an off-the-rack choice as well as time required for a custom design.
  • Schedule for fittings and delivery.
  • Payment terms and return policy for rental gowns.

 A strapless stunner in green 
Photo courtesy of Blushingbridekk

     Striking in fuschia and gold 
  Photo by Dave Singh Studio, courtesy of That Special Occasion


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